Club Championship Eligibility and Events

Club Championship Events

The distance and the number of events that can be entered for the championships is dependent on the swimmers age on the night of the club championships (15th March 2024). Below is a summary:

Age # of events Distance
8 yrs & under 4 25m all strokes
9 yrs 5 Choice of 25m or 50m in all strokes + 100IM (Championship points only for 50m events
10 yrs 5 50m all strokes + 100IM
11 yrs+ 5 50m all strokes + 100IM

Club Championship Eligibility

The number of events that a swimmer can nominate for is dependent on the number of races a swimmer has completed over the full season per the table below. Full season members must have swam at 8 club nights to be eligible to nominate and 4 nights for half season members.

Full season members Half season members # of event nominations
11 or less 7 or less 1
12 to 19 8 to 12 2
20 to 27 13 to 17 3
28 to 35 18 to 20 4
36 or more 21 or more 5

For example, club captain Saxon S has swum at 14 meets and has competed in 5 events per night so he has a total of 70 races over the season so he can nominate for up to 5 events.

The nominations team onsite will be able to confirm what and how many races each swimmer can nominate for.