How Races Start

Our swim club works on a simple process for the start of each timed race. Once you are in marshalling and have been assigned a lane you will sit in a row of chairs before your race is called.

  1. The announcer will call your race and announce each swimmer and their assigned lane.
  2. Once your name has been called stand up and take position behind the flat edge of the pool (for 25m races) or the starting block (for 50m and 100m races).
  3. The starter will now take over and give you starting instructions
  4. The starter will blow a whistle – this is your signal to step onto the starting ties or step up onto the starting block. If the stroke is backstroke, the whistle is your signal to step into the pool and prepare to start this unique stroke.
  5. The starter will repeat the distance and stroke for your race and tell you to take your marks (i.e. ‘swimmers, 25m freestyle, take your marks’).
  6. Once the starter sees swimmers are set the race will be started via the buzzer.
  7. Once the race is started its all up to you – focus on your technique, your breathing, don’t look around, and finish strongly