Special Events

Relay challenge – All swimmers registered will split up into a team with swimmers of different ages, sizes and speeds. Teams numbers will depend on the number of swimmers registered for the event. If we have an uneven number of swimmers, then some teams may need a swimmer in their relay go twice. Teams will be awarded points 1st to 5th (10pts, 7pts, 5pts, 3pts, 1pt), Points will be added up at the end of the session once all relays competitions are completed.

Relay Competitions will be as follows:

  1. Freestyle relay
  2. Kick Relay (kick boards stack up)
  3. Medley Relay
  4. Pull Relay
  5. Noodle link up relay

Please understand that we will do our best to make the teams even. This event is to be taken in good spirit, with lots fun, energy and encouragement being the aim.

The winning team will receive a prize on the night. Each team will be captained by a swimmer that is nominated by the organisers, the job will be to lead, encourage and sort out team orders for each relay.

Parents will be required to judge, having 1 judge in each lane and a chief judge on the side of the pool to determine changeover breaks and final places.

Registration can be on the night as per usual but please note that all swimmers competing in the relay challenge must be able to complete 1 lap comfortably.

Skins Event – Each heat is made up of 8 swimmers of roughly their speed from times gathered on the swim club data base. Swimmers compete over 25m freestyle where the last swimmer to touch the wall is eliminated, leaving 7 swimmers remaining. The remaining swimmers exit the pool and walk back to the other end to proceed with the next race. This will continue until there is only 2 swimmers left in each heat (The Final), where the fastest swimmer is the winner.

This will be a good test of skills, speed and determination as swimmers start to get tired as the rounds go on. This will be made enjoyable through good healthy competition, good sportsmanship and plenty of encouragement toward all swimmers.

5 parents will be asked to judge at the end of the pool to decide which swimmer finished last in the heat of each round and therefore is to be eliminated.

Entries for all events can be registered on the day as per usual.

Coorparoo Family Cup – Parents you may be up! The first Coorparoo family cup is up for grabs, this is a freestyle event where 2 swimmers from a family form a 2-person relay (2 x 50m). Each swimmer must be from their immediate family and can consist of a combination of one of the following:

  • Brother & Sister
  • Brother & Brother
  • Sister & Sister
  • Father & Son
  • Father & Daughter
  • Mother & Son
  • Mother & Daughter

Whilst the main event is the freestyle event, there are also relays for the 3 other strokes. Therefore, if you’re not a champion freestyle family maybe try your luck in taking out the backstroke, breaststroke or butterfly. Ribbons for 1st, 2nd & 3rd will be awarded for each event with the added prestige of a cup for the freestyle event.

Times will be recorded for this event to determine places as well as measure your family PB for the following year and thereafter.