Wet Weather

Club policy is that we swim “rain or shine”. The exception to this is where severe inclement weather (i.e. an electrical storm) is imminent and might affect the safety of members.

How We Communicate Cancelations

The Executive Committee monitors weather forecasts and weather radars as published by the Bureau of Meteorology. If inclement or severe weather is expected the Executive Committee will:

  1. Make a go/no go decision as early as possible (the aim is to do this by 6pm);
  2. Members and parents will be notified via these channels:
    • An email update will be sent to all registered families;
    • A post will be published on the Club Facebook page; and
    • The Club website homepage.

If the weather and radar data indicates the severe weather will clear quickly and there is no follow on activity, this will also be communicated in any updates we publish