Volunteer Roster Updates

Click here for the 2018 Volunteer Roster

Volunteer Teams

Member families are asked to assist with club operations whenever possible.

Volunteers are organized into teams for the following operational areas:

  • Set Up / Pack Up
  • Computers (Nominations / Meet Management)
  • Marshalling
  • Starting
  • First Aid

This team-based approach aims to ensure that volunteers are only rostered on to perform club night roles on 3-4 club nights per season. Please contact a member of the Committee if you would like to join one of our volunteer teams.

BBQ / Canteen

Member families who do not participate in a Volunteer Team (described above) are rostered on to assist with the running of the Canteen & BBQ once per season. Member families are responsible for organising replacement volunteers if they are unavailable to meet their roster commitment.

Changes to the roster are advised in the weekly newsletter prior to each club night or event. The Term 4 roster for 2018 will be published here soon.

Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator (Angela Scheffler) if you have organised someone to replace you on the roster. She can be contacted at scheffler.angela@gmail.com.

Volunteer Arrival Times

  • Canteen & BBQ 5.15pm
  • Computers 5.15pm
  • Announcer 5.30pm
  • Bar 5.45pm
  • Starter 6.15pm
  • Marshalls 6.15pm
  • First Aid 6.15pm