What To Do When You Arrive For A Club Night

The aim of our Friday night swim meets is to ensure we all have fun, can enjoy a catch up with our community, and challenge ourselves to improve our times.

With that in mind, getting the night started on time is really important so this page outlines what you (as a swimmer) can do to help get our night off to a on-time start.

Key Times to keep in mind:

  1. Gates open at 5:30pm
  2. Nominations open at 5:45pm
  3. Nominations close at 6:15pm

How I can help the club

  1. If you get to the pool before 5:45pm stay with your family so you understand where your parents/carers are sitting
  2. Don’t hang around the nominations desk
  3. The announcer will let you know when nominations open – DO NOT immediately run up to nominations – its not a race, its not a competition to be first in line.
  4. Stand back from the nominations desk and do your best to keep the noise down
  5. Know what you want to nominate for and speak clearly to the volunteers taking nominations
  6. During free swim (after you have nominated), stay away from lanes 7 & 8 near the shallow end of the pool
  7. General free swim behaviour – (1) stay off the lane ropes, (2) no diving or bombing. (3) no tiggy or throwing of other swimmers in the pool, (4) no yelling, screaming, or excessive splashing
  8. When the announcer calls an end to free swim, exit the pool quickly by going under the lane ropes, dry off and work out whether you will have dinner before your first race.
  9. Listen for the first round of races. When your race group is called, “walk” to marshalling, get there promptly and listen to the marshalls – keep the noise down
  10. DO NOT hang around the time keepers before or after your race. it is critical they listen to the announcer and starter.